Work as a proofreader


Are you a highly skilled translator, copy or content writer looking for ways to expand your business and your skills? Working as a freelance proofreader might just be your thing!

What does a proofreader do?

As a proofreader you will be required to read various types of texts in which you will search for spelling and grammar errors as well as examining choice of word, fluency, typos and clarity.
Working for various clients you'll notice that they quite often require a certain level of quality. Two of the most commonly used standards (or quality levels if you wish) are standard quality (SQ) and business quality (BQ). 

Required and useful skills

Weather you work on a freelance basis or hold a permanent position you will have to show quite a few skills. If not one hundred percent required, they will at least be on most clients' wishlist. Seeing that previous experiences working as copywriter, editor, content writer or translator is most likely to be one of them you'll have a big advantage if you can add that to your CV.

Besides having previous experience you will have to be a master of the target language. Preferably on a native-level, but sometimes a similar level will be sufficient. You'll also need excellent command of spelling and grammar as well as a keen eye for detail. 
Further more you'll be required to fact-check and to follow (sometimes very strict) instructions and guidelines.

Work as a proofreader

Many proofreaders begin as freelance writers or translators and gain their proof reading skills as they go along. 
Working as a freelance proofreader you need to be open minded and to have at least a small portion of interest in new technology. This will be helpful as you'll be required to use a number of systems and tools as well as familiarize yourself with the types of content the clients produce. Last but not least, you will have to follow quite a few guidelines and read quite a few policies.
You will also have to show that you're capable of constantly producing high-quality work in the writing phase. During this process you may be guided by a project manager who will also check every word you write. Sometimes the client needs a proofreader in a certain language, wich quite often requires an equal amount of previous experience and actual practical skills.

Links to Swedish schools that offer proofreading courses.

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