Summary in English


Experienced writer, translator and editor

With a Bachelor’s degree in Swedish and years of writing and translating experience, I have developed many useful skills, both personally and professionally. Skills that come in handy when writing for various target groups and enables a large portion of flexibility. 

Translation experience 

Seeing that I grew up around English speaking relatives, with whom I later on lived with for about 2 years in Los Angeles, I can honestly say that I'm equally comfortable with expressing myself in English as in Swedish.

I understand the importance of finding the right tone of voice in order to adjust the content to the target group. I also pay close attention to details and check all texts for plagiarism (using Copyscape). In regards to any specific requirements you can expect high quality content within deadline.

Rates and conditions

Standard rates as recommended for freelancers apply, although the final price will be determined in regards to volume, requirements and deadlines.

You'll be required to approve and sign a quote concerning the detalils about the project. The quote will specify guidelines regarding requirements, payment method, deadline, right of withdrawal, file format etc.

Overseas bank transactions

For overseas bank transactions, please state Swift and BIC as below.


SE88 9500 0099 6026 0912 2276


NDEASSES (Nordea) 

I'll be your "go-to-person"

Now that you know my strenghts as a writer I would be thrilled to hear from you. No matter how big or how small of assignment I will happily be your "go-to-person"!

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