Den nya tidens ABC

En lista med praktiska förkortningar kan vara bra att ha till hands när man ska "prata" online. Låt oss börja med en ett antal förkortningar från A - C.

aamof = as a matter of fact

aaro = as a result of

ab = absolute best

adn = any day now

ae = alter ego

afaik = as far as I know

afk = away from keyboard

aka = also known as

asap = as soon as possible

tdf = to die for

b4 = before

bac = by any chance

bak = back at keyboard

bbfn = bye bye for now

bbi5 = be back in 5

bbl = be back later

bbs = be back soon

bcnu = be seeing you

brb = be right back

bta = but then again

btl = between the lines

btw = by the way

co = chill out

cu = see you

cul = see you later

cul8r = see you later

cwyl = chat with you later